Sustainable floors for commercial projects.

Made from renewable raw materials. CO₂ neutral, plant-based and seamless installation.

Sustainable floors made from renewable raw materials – CO-neutral, plant-based and can be installed without joints.

Are you an architect, retail designer, interior planner, material scout or construction manager in a company looking for sustainable floor coverings for company buildings, public buildings, private buildings, shopping centers, shops, showrooms or museums? Then you’ve come to the right place: Walk on Green produces and sells CO-neutral, plant-based and seamless flooring and surface coverings. No matter whether your focus is on resilience, durability or design – we will find a suitable solution.



For us, sustainability in a floor means not only avoiding VOCs, phthalates and bisphenol A, but also the use of renewable raw materials, minerals and recycled material. This also includes the radical reduction of waste as well as a people-friendly installation.

Sustainable floors

Walk on Green floors are first and foremost environmentally friendly. Only renewable raw materials such as vegetable oils, natural minerals and, whenever possible, recycled material are used in the floor. In addition, there is a complete avoidance of waste, which alone means a raw material saving of 10%.

Floors that are easy to install

Our floors are also a real blessing for floor installers. They can be installed standing up, which is easy on the body. In addition, the buckets weigh significantly less than the large rolls of sheeting used so far and the heavy packages of sheeting.

User-friendly floors

Walk on Green floors are permanently resilient by nature and do not contain any softeners. Marks caused by furniture, if they occur at all, disappear within a very short time, even after years of use. The innovative formula makes recurring basic maintenance completely unnecessary.



Walk on Green’s sustainable floors are Red List Free and LEED and BREEAM certified. In addition, our individual products are adorned with a variety of other certificates and environmental labels.

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